Suspicious packages sent to diplomatic missions in Australia

Posted By on January 9, 2019

09 January 2019 – Australian police today said they are investigating suspicious packages sent to multiple foreign embassies and consulates in the country.

A staff member of the Japanese Consulate-General in Melbourne said that it received an envelope containing several plastic bags with “asbestos” written on the outside.

The substance is not believed to be hazardous and the consulate building was not evacuated.

According to local media, similar packages were sent to over 10 embassies and consulates in Canberra and Melbourne.

The Australian Federal Police said in a statement that the packages are being examined by emergency services, but did not identify any of the diplomatic missions involved.

Victoria state police said they believe the incident does not impact the general community.

Local media said missions affected include Britain, New Zealand, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Pakistan, South Korea, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Seychelles, Switzerland, Croatia and Egypt.

Earlier this week, a suspicious package was sent to the Argentine Consulate General in Sydney.